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The Lord is My Shepherd
Pledge 2023

Dear Church,

Greetings! Grace, mercy and peace to you in Christ!

Looking ahead, our goal at Church of Our Saviour is to remain laser-focused on our mission to Connect to Christ and Community, to be disciples who make disciples. To live that mission we rely not on ourselves, but on the Lord’s faithfulness -- as our Shepherd.  You may be familiar with Psalm 23. In the weeks ahead, let’s experience it together, gaining deeper insights and a greater understanding of what it means to truly trust the Lord as our Shepherd in everything. We are His sheep, here for His purposes. To help in this effort, you’ll soon receive in the mail a small devotional “The Lord Is My Shepherd” to use at home as we focus anew on the power of God in all aspects of life.

Scripture shows time and time again the Lord’s faithfulness to those who seek Him as they steward His talents, gifts and blessings to His glory. Let’s raise our voices in prayer for the Lord our Shepherd to use this upcoming season in the life of our church to help us be His faithful sheep, to seek and follow His will always, in all ways.


God’s Peace,

Church of Our Saviour


We hope you've enjoyed our devotional journey through Psalm 23 in the past few weeks as we sought to gain new understanding of the Lord as our Shepherd during our Stewardship Campaign.  Perhaps the Spirit is leading you to dive even deeper into Psalm 23 in your journey to grow closer to the Lord and His will for you as we connect to Christ and community. Here are a couple of short but mighty works recommended by some of our fellow members: 

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, by noted Biblical scholar and author W. Phillip Keller. This little book looks at Psalm 23 – the sheep AND The Shepherd -- through Keller’s amazing experiences, imagery and insights gained from his own personal experience as a shepherd. Whatever our path, wherever we are lead, The Shepherd lovingly guides, carries, and protects us as we depend on Him all the days of our lives.

Safe in the Shepherd’s Arms: Hope and Encouragement from Psalm 23, by popular retired minister and inspirational author Max Lucado. A 30-day devotional, this little book helps show how in the Lord we can be safe and secure as we cope with life’s issues and persevere. With Psalm 23 as our guide, we can release our burdens, throw off our fears, and rest safely in the Shepherd's arms.

May you seek and rest in the Shepherd's loving arms, always... in all ways. 

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