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We Are The Church

We believe that God calls us to live generous lives and to respond to His overwhelming generosity with similar giving.  We believe that everything we have is through the grace of God and that the tithe (10% of income) is the measure God asks of us to acknowledge His faithfulness.  Beyond that our giving is pure grace, generosity, and obedience. As a sign of this generosity, we seek to give 10% of our church income to mission beyond ourselves and 10% to our Diocese.


If you are an occasional visitor we would love for you to enjoy this marvelous place without any sense of obligation whatsoever.  If you are more regular in your attendance or are thinking of joining, please prayerfully consider becoming a pledged giver.  This will help us to plan our annual budget more effectively. If you have any questions you can contact the church office: or calling 843-768-2046

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