Family Advent Calendar
We've put together a family worship guide that goes along with the "Jesus Story Book Bible.
You can download a copy of the calendar hereYou may purchase the "Jesus StoryBook Bible" Here.
Nursery & Kids Church

Unfortunately, for the time being, our nursery and Kid's church remain closed as we seek to grow a team of people to serve. HOWEVER, we recognize Children are a gift from the Lord and the church wouldn't be The Church without them. Please stay tuned as we begin to bring back these offerings as soon as possible.

Family Room Available

We do have a Family Room with the live broadcast of the service if you need to step out of the main sanctuary for a while.  While facing the back of the sanctuary, in the right corner behind the Connection Desk we have a small Family Room available with a couch and toys to occupy the little ones.

Children’s Activity Packets

On the tower in the back, we have available some activity packets for elementary age children. You are welcome to take everything home from the packet, but please return the empty bag to the Connection Desk.


Pray & Play Area

We’ve set up a playpen in the back of the sanctuary for the little ones who might need a bit more corralling. We love having children of all ages in our worship services.​ Please know, if for any reason, you need to take your child out of the service, we love hearing the little voices and want you to know they are always welcome.

Kid's Sermon