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OUr Saviour's Daughters

The Daughters of the Holy Cross is a group of women who have committed their lives to the work and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.  They are committed to making disciples and serving Jesus through their Rule of Life: prayer, service, study, and evangelism.  The Church Of Our Saviour chapter is a member of the national order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross.  This order originated as a ministry of the Anglican Church of North America in 2006.  

The DOHC meet monthly to share fellowship and encourage members to pray daily for our church, its clergy, the Order, and others in need.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they reach out to those who do not know Jesus and share His message of salvation through word and deed.  They equip themselves with the mighty sword of truth as contained in the Holy Bible.  They wear a universal cross as a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice and the need for Him to be in their daily lives. 

This ministry is a blessing to our community as we continue to answer God's call to connect to Christ and Community and to make disciples that make disciples.  If you are interested in learning more about the Daughters of the Holy Cross, please contact Susan Burns at  

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