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Download and print the MISSION APPLICATION 


Fill it out and return to Church of Our Saviour

4416 Betsy Kerrison Parkway, Johns Island, SC 29414 

or fax to 843-768-2045

Any questions you may contact the church office at 843-768-2046, or send us a message below

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to keep up with the latest from Bishop Grant and Dr. Wendy Lemarquand visit their website

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We are organizing a mission trip to Gambella, Ethiopia in mid to late January. We are hoping to have six to eight participants from churches around the diocese who are willing to share their testimony and talents. For further information and an application contact: Gloria Wilson, Church of Our Savior Missions (843) 642-7878 or


The purpose of this trip is to help clergy and parishes develop mission expertise as well as to assist Bishop Grant and Wendy LeMarquand in the building of a mission base and theological training Centre in Gambella.

The trip will be approximately 8 days and is planned for late January 2017.  We will need men and women, clergy and laity, experienced and novice, young and wise.  You will need to be healthy and willing to accommodate moderate levels of discomfort.  We need those who can teach, have library skills, construction experience, medical skills, musicians and logistical talents.  Approximate costs are $3,200 - $3,500 per person including airfares.  Deadline for application is November 2016.

Further details will be available upon application (final costs, flight details, visa applications, immunizations, etc). Some training and gathering for prayer in advance of the trip will be required.  You may wish to review the conditions and work of the Diocese of the Horn of Africa at:

In October 2012 Our Saviour  Partnered with 12 others from the Church at Charlotte and embarked on mission to minister and be ministered to by the people of Ethiopia.  To view all of our pictures from the trip click here.
Return to Ethiopia
​by Dave Ralston
On October 20, [2012] seven members from Our Saviour went for a week of work, worship and fellowship in Addis Abba and southern Ethiopia.  We went expecting to do a little work and share our faith.  What we learned is that God had much more planned for us and while we did serve, we received much more in terms of what we witnessed and were able to observe.
Our members partnered with twelve others from another church and visited, encouraged and worked with a variety of different ministries while in Ethiopia. In Addis Abba (the capital of Ethiopia) we visited with about 15 young girls that were part of a ministry named The Deborah House. This is a ministry that works to get young, abandoned, vulnerable girls off the dangerous streets and into a home where they are cared for and provided safety.
South of the capital we worshiped in an area at two churches in a Christian denomination known as Gospel for the Nations. These two churches were in very poverty stricken areas primarily populated by Muslims. The churches had very little in terms of material items but they were rich in their faith and generosity to us.
We saw and learned about a ministry called Water is Life. We learned about the severe shortage of clean drinking water and how approximately 70% of the health issues in Ethiopia  come from dirty water. We saw how wells are being used by churches in the area to share the good news of Christ and provide for hope in very poor communities.
We got to hear an amazing testimony of a former Muslim Sheik who has given his life to Christ. Several years ago he was part of a group that burned down a Christian church in his community. A week after the fire he learned that the people in the church were in fact praying for
him and his family. He was asked to meet with the Christians where they poured out their hearts to him. He went home that night and had a vision in his dreams that he was to follow Christ. The next day he accepted Christ as his Savior and has dedicated his life to converting others in the Muslim faith to Christianity. Today there are 17 Muslim Sheiks in the Islam faith that are working underground to bring the Gospel to others. Simply amazing!
Some of our group got to witness a baptism of 160 Muslims that were coming to Christ. Some of this group had traveled for days to be baptized in a lake near by. One of the members of our team said, “It was the most memorable experience of my life” to see so many that have so little come to know our Lord and Savior.
While we were in southern Ethiopia we stayed at the only children’s camp in the country alongside a large lake named Langano.  At the camp there is a clinic where they provide the only medical service within 25-miles,  a school for 401 students from kindergarten to 7th grade (with only 12 teachers), and a self-sustaining farm effort that is owned and operated by Ethiopians.  The camp, school and the clinic are operated under the oversight of SIM (Serving in Missions) ministry, which is one of the largest Christian missionary organizations in the world.
Sports Friends is another ministry under the SIM umbrella. Sports Friends is a simple ministry that began with two people ten years ago that uses sports such as soccer and volleyball to reach the youth in the country. With a median age of 16.8, there is an abundance of children everywhere you go.  The Sports Friends ministry has truly been blessed and today there are 85,000 children involved in their activities and the ministry has spread to five other countries.

Sports Friends, International

     This is the ministry we heard about that was begun 10 years ago and now is active in most areas of the country. We are earmarking funds for this ministry that can hopefully be used to seed Sports Friends activity in the region of Gambella where Grant & Wendy LaMarquand are headed.

Langano Medical Clinic

     This the medical clinic we were able to tour on our visit. During our tour, we spoke with Allyson Smith about the issue of "genital mutilation" that exist in the area. We are earmarking our investment to the clinic and are hopeful that we can seed a new program that might be conceived to address this horrible practice through better education. There is a KHC church on site at the camp and we are hopeful that we may be able to create a collaborative effort to impact even a few families in the area. If we could change this practice in just a few families, many girls can be positively impacted for future generations.

Muslim Outreach

A discipleship ministry that seeks to provide education and encouragement to recently converted Christians in rural Ethiopia. I believe our funds will go to the programs that we discussed with the Pastors from the "Gospel for the Nations" denomination near Langano.

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