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Church of Our Saviour​

General Protocol

  1. Masks are no longer required for those who have been vaccinated.

  2. Masks are still recommended for those who have not been vaccinated (Masks are available as you enter if you would like one).

  3. Capacity for Sanctuary is set to the number of chairs available (approximately 150 as of June 1).

  4. No Nursery or Childcare will be provided at this time.

  5. Hand sanitizer usage is still encouraged.

  6. For use of any of the church building or grounds a Facilities Use Agreement must be completed  for all ministries and non-church ministries which includes agreement to all Covid Safety Protocols

  7. Food for events is allowed under the following conditions:

    1. Prepackaged food and beverage is recommended for meetings, performances, services, etc. 

    2. If a meal is to be served, individual plates will be assembled for distribution.

    3. Set up, serving, and clean-up are the responsibility of the event host.​

Worship Services @ Our Saviour

Additional Worship Service Information. All general protocols from above are applied. We provide this information in detail so you make an informed decision about returning to church.


  1. Occupancy and Entering: Unless otherwise specified, reservations are not required.

  2. Capacity for Sanctuary is set to the number of chairs available (approximately 150 as of June 1).

  3. Sanitation Stations are located at the entrance, at the Connection Desk and at the front row as you approach the rail for communion.

  4. Offering: You may place your offering in the sweetgrass basket provided in the back as you enter or exit or visit to make a donation or submit a pledge.

  5. Communion 

    1. If you are a baptized Christian, you are welcome to receive the Bread and Wine of Holy Communion. 

    2. Prepackaged Communion is available to pick up as you enter worship. Please hold your communion until the appropriate time during the service, so we may all partake together. As you exit the sanctuary, proper receptacles will be available to dispose of the plastic cup.

    3. Communion in one Kind (Bread Only) is also available at the rail during Holy Eucharist.

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