Church of Our Saviour

General Protocol

  1. Masks are worn inside at all times.

  2. Masks are worn outside unless seated and 6 feet apart.

  3. The social distancing of 6 feet at all times.

  4. Sanitization of common surface areas required.

    1. Restrooms open with directions to clean common use areas.

  5. No nursery or child care will be provided.

  6. No community food or beverage will be provided.

    1. If individual food and/or beverages are brought, they may only be consumed OUTSIDE when six feet apart.

  7. All events will have a sign-in sheet for contact tracing.  All events will be cataloged and saved in the church office for six months.


Protocols for All Ministries of Church of Our Saviour

  1. The above protocols will be in place for all ministries and programs that are generated or hosted by Church of Our Saviour on or off campus or inside our facilities.

  2. The Church of Our Saviour buildings including the church, classrooms, parish hall and offices. The church building will reopen on 5/1/2021 for use for church ministries*.

    1. Worship services capacity:

      1. Church capacity is set at 100 including staff and volunteers.

      2. Parish Hall capacity is set at 25.

  3. *Alcoholic Anonymous is the only exception to church ministries only.

  4. Facilities use agreement must be completed with agreement to all protocols.

Fire Pit and Field Protocol 

  1. Wear face covering while walking to and standing in the fire pit area.(Masks may be removed once you are seated 6ft apart unless you are singing.)

  2. Maintain social distancing at all time (6 feet)

  3. Please sign in at the stand next to the gate

  4. No community food or drink

  5. Bring your own chair

  6. Restrooms are available through the side entrance of the building

Worship Services @ Our Saviour

Additional Worship Service Information

All general protocol from above is applied. We provide this information in detail so you make an informed decision about returning to church.


Occupancy and Entering

  • Seating for each service will be limited to 100 attendees in the Church Sanctuary and 25 people in the Parish Hall.

  • Overflow seating from the Sanctuary is available in the Parish Hall but is limited to 25 persons.

  • Everyone entering for worship services must sign-in for the purposes of contact tracing in the event that we need to. 


  • Rows of chairs will be 6 feet apart.

  • Family units will be separated by 3 empty chairs.

  • You will receive cards as you come in to place on the chairs next to you to block out your seats.


Masks and Sanitation Stations

  • Masks are required for the duration of the service for every person two years of age and older. 

  • Masks may be removed by clergy, worship leader, and readers when addressing the congregation in their respective position.

  • Sanitation stands will be at the entrance and at the Connection Desk.

  • Volunteers/Staff handling items for the congregation will wear gloves.

  • Masks will be provided for those who arrive without them.

  • The service will not begin until all are wearing a mask.



  • You may place your offering in the sweetgrass basket provided in the back as you enter or exit.



  • Attendees may pick up a pre-filled individual sealed communion cup on the way in as they arrive.

  • Everybody will partake of the wafer and the cup as directed by the Celebrant.



  • Please be mindful as you exit to maintain 6ft of social distance between you and others.​

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Church of Our Saviour is an Anglican church located on Johns Island near Kiawah and Seabrook Islands.

We are a part of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina in the Anglican Church in North America.

Our mission is Connecting to Christ and Community.

As the Church, we see ourselves as disciples of Jesus who are called to make disciples of Jesus.

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